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my share here, too. It looks like those things and getting
down on your knees don't belong in the same * world. But
take the old Professor, now, he's heen putting me on my
knees quite a spell, going on two years now." He grinned,
looking directly at Mr. Munn, " Not that I'm complaining;
I had some time to make up in that position. Besides, he's a
man for you now, and I respect his ways."

"It's a comfort to him, I take it," Mr. Munn rejoined.
"Things going like they are must be hitting him pretty
hard." He paused, then, looking off down the slope, added
glumly, " I reckon a man could do with some comfort."

" Religion, now, it's a comfort to some," Doctor MacDonald
said. " But there's a heap of different kinds of religion, and
kinds of comfort, too. Take old Willie Proudfit, now. A
man like that, and says he's seen a vision—you know Proudfit,
don't you?"

" I've heard the name. You mean that man who went out
West somewhere and lived with the Indians?"

"God knows what he didn't do, one time or another,"
Doctor MacDonald said, nodding, " buffalo hunter in Kansas,
lived with the Indians out in Arizona or somewhere, God
knows what he's done. Lives up north of here a ways now,
got him a little farm nearly paid for. I go hunting and
fishing with him a right smart. What he don't know about
that, just ain't in the books. And the nicest, quietest-spoken
fellow you ever saw, but I wouldn't yearn to be the man who
riled him too far. He told me about himself once, said past
his time of meanness and slaughter—that's his very words, if
I recollect right—he was lying out on a mountain somewhere,
and a vision came to him. And said he's never been the
same. He don't go to church, but he says he's been a new
man. He says he got clean inside, and by God, I believe it
for a fact. Nothing seems to faze him. He's just himself."

" Lucky if he knows what he is, himself," Mr. Munn said,
looking off down the yard over the brown drift of fallen

" I reckon he knows better than the next man, and knows